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Increasing employee engagement and company effectiveness through targeted initiatives, working primarily with start ups in the FinTech, Real Estate and Professional Services industries


Fractional CFO and CHRO

Leverage the services of strategic CFO or CHRO without the commitment or costs of a full-time hire.  This service is appropriate for smaller companies, companies in rapid growth or transformation mode or companies with a short term gap on their executive team.

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Consulting and Advisory

​Gain access to our team’s years of experience and perspective to lead, assist or provide guidance on special projects that require Financial or Human Capital expertise.  This service is appropriate for companies or teams who need to get something done but don’t have the bandwidth to do it themselves.

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Talent Acquisition

​Tap into our network and take advantage of our proven search strategies to secure your world class talent.  This service is appropriate for companies and teams that are looking for those hard to find individuals to join their team.


  • Evaluate Progress

  • Share Best Practices

  • Periodically Review, Assess and Refine



  • Align Metrics

  • Design Tools

  • Create Feedback Loop


Take Action:

  • Data Analysis

  • Future State Design

  • Implementation

Take Action


  • Goals & Objectives

  • Processes & Procedures

  • Current State Documentation



  • Stakeholder Analysis

  • Leadership Assessment

  • Data Review

  • Industry Examination

  • Problem Statement Definition

Pillar One Consulting engagement chain.

Sustainable solutions to maintain your competitive edge

Our Methodology

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