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Cheryl Heller

Managing Principal

Cheryl Heller is the strategic powerhouse behind Pillar One Consulting, bringing over two decades of executive expertise to small business owners as a Fractional CFO and Strategic Advisor. Additionally, as a Partner at Clipper Ship Ventures, she focuses on driving growth in the fintech and business technology sectors.  Prior to Pillar One, Cheryl spent 20 years at Capital One where her tenure was marked by her leadership in finance, operations, and human resources.  She excelled in driving transformational initiatives, cutting costs, revamping culture, and enhancing operational efficiencies. Her foundational experience includes impactful roles at leading insurance and public accounting firms, with a focus on regional banks and real estate partnerships.

Cheryl's educational background includes a bachelor's degree from the University of Connecticut, a master's degree from the University of Hartford, and specialized certificates including a Professional Masters in Banking from the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University, a Commercial Real Estate Certificate from Cornell University and a Certificate in FinTech from New York University. As a Certified Public Accountant, Cheryl's financial acumen is beyond question, and her additional credentials in Commercial Real Estate and FinTech underline her comprehensive advisory capacity.

Cheryl dedicates her time to fostering leadership and empowerment among women as a volunteer with The Leadership Foundry and Delta Gamma Fraternity. Furthermore, Cheryl volunteers with the Montgomery County Humane Society, serving the needs of dogs waiting for their forever homes. Living in Gaithersburg, Maryland, she balances her professional pursuits with personal wellness as an active member of the Peloton community. Cheryl's holistic approach to life reflects in her business ethos—where she helps small businesses succeed and thrive with confidence in their financial future. Her strategic acumen is a beacon for small businesses seeking not just advice but a partnership for sustainable success.


Our Mission

At Pillar One, we are on a mission to propel businesses to peak performance with comprehensive, world-class solutions in financial management, human capital, and strategic marketing. We strive to empower organizations to achieve sustainable growth by weaving together the threads of financial acumen, talent development, and marketing brilliance.

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