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Building and Strengthening Your Talent Framework

Increasing employee engagement and company effectiveness through targeted initiatives

Talent Acquisition  Hiring the right talent means more than just matching skills on a resume with a job description. We will help develop your recruiting strategy by understanding your company’s vision, mission and goals, as well as your culture. The results ... smarter, more sustainable hiring decisions. Learn more

Career Development  True growth is a process which involves clear direction, communication, and regular feedback about performance. We can help you understand the intrinsic and extrinsic values important to your employees helping you to better define your Employee Value Proposition. Learn more

Performance Management   Accurate assessment of skills and behaviors is increasingly important in keeping employees engaged as well as maintaining compliance in employment practices. We provide strategic and tactical ways to ensure that your performance management system is comprehensive and tied to the goals of your organization. Learn more

Rewards & Recognition  Keeping your employees engaged is critical to maintaining competitive advantage. Pillar One’s extensive expertise will allow us to recommend enhancements and structure a comprehensive program to build an engaged workforce based on next practices. Learn more

Strategic Planning At the highest level, an organization's strategic planning process sets the stage for long term financial success.  The finance function can be a strong driver of effectiveness in this process, providing data, analytical insights and structure to the strategy.

Annual and Capital Budgeting Budgeting is a key source of leverage in companies.  Taking the time to develop a thoughtful budget based on reasonable expectations will encourage your team to establish robust plans for their work throughout the year.  Tracking back to this budget at regular intervals will provide management the ability to double down or course correct where needed.

Product Analytics  A key component to understand a company's or division's success is truly understanding the underlying effectiveness of their product and distribution strategies.  A strong product analytics function will be critical to supporting the execution of the strategies.

Reporting  Making effective decisions is predicated on understanding the data. Clear and detailed financial reporting will support leadership in operating effectively and efficiently.