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Building and Strengthening Your Talent Framework

Helping you think strategically about your talent management life cycle

In this section, you will find articles from our own team members as well as experts in the field of business and human capital.

Employee Enragement to Employee Engagement


In this section, you will find helpful links to resources, tools, information that will help you think more strategically about your company’s human capital needs.

Society for Human Resource Management – The human resource professional’s human resource guide

Human Capital Institute – The global association for strategic talent management

American Society for Training and Development – The world’s largest professional association  dedicated to the training and development field

American Management Association – An international leader in management training and professional development for individuals, teams and entire organizations

Fistful of Talent – A lighthearted take on all things HR.  Don’t let it’s tongue-in-cheek demeanor fool you – there’s some great info and opinions here!

Purposeful Hire – Purposeful Hire’s founder, Shira Harrington, is a nationally acclaimed executive search professional, corporate trainer, and speaker