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Building and Strengthening Your Talent Framework

We welcome you, our most valuable resource and critic, to Pillar One Consulting

Our first blog post.  I’ve read lots of blogs out there.  Mostly, they’ve been stream of consciousness or written so well they have SEEMED like they were stream of consciousness.  The good ones have been witty and informative (at the same time) about a topic I’ve had some level of interest in.  For this one, I’m going for informative.  Starting with ‘Who is Pillar One?’

Pillar One’s founders shared a vision for Human Capital and the companies they serve:  Let’s assist companies in getting their employees more engaged.  We’ve studied employee engagement, and had success managing our own groups and helping other teams ‘come together’.  We’ve seen what can happen when leaders think about engagement as robustly as they think about sales, product development, or ROI.  Conversely, we’ve seen and experienced what can happen when folks aren’t engaged.  Our first recommendation: go for engagement.  Much better bang for your buck.

If you’re here, you might have an understanding about what employee engagement is, or you might be looking to learn more about it.  Employee engagement occurs when employees are willing to exert discretionary effort at their companies.  Simple as that?  Yes and no.  Understanding engagement is really simple; getting people engaged?  Not so much. 

One way to start thinking about employee engagement is as a factor of the talent management lifecycle:

  • Talent Acquisition,
  • Career Development,
  • Performance Management,
  • Rewards and Recognition, and
  • Succession Planning. 

If you positively impact your employees in these matters, you are on your way to increased employee engagement.  By the way, we’re already helping our clients measurably increase results in these areas.  Browse through our site to find out more and feel free to contact us with questions, comments, praise, or criticism.  And check back here often for articles, commentary and opinions.

As an aside, this blog will NOT turn into a manifesto a la Jerry Maguire.  But, we strongly advocate that by doing right by your employees you will have dramatic positive results for your business, both intended and unintended. 

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